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    When you or a loved one are charged with a crime or violation of law, you’re surrounded by fear and uncertainty.  You may feel embarrassed and you may feel that you were unfairly and severely wronged. You definitely feel vulnerable and powerless.  You may feel there’s no where to turn.

It’s not a time for guesswork.  It’s not a time when you want to make the wrong choice, get wrong-footed advice or counsel.  It’s not a time to engage a lawyer who doesn’t listen, who doesn’t care, and who doesn’t return your phone calls.


You can trust us to care and to listen.  We know how important your life (and your freedom) is to you.  We understand, especially when you aren’t able to bond out or when your license has been suspended, that time is of the essence and that you want to resolve the charges against you as quickly as possible.  We know you long for some certainty, and that you want to know where you stand.  We know that you are not powerless, that you have choices and options, and that with valuable advice and counsel, you will be able to have it work out, whether that means having your day in Court or negotiating an agreement that is favorable to you.  We have the experience you need in all phases of criminal law (and juvenile delinquency proceedings) including jury trial, bench trial, negotiations, and pre-trial motions. Don’t take unnecessary chances.