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You may be expanding your business and require business formation; changing your business and require business restructuring, transfer, or sale; or developing your business and require real estate transactions.  In any event, these times may be filled with excitement, uncertainty, thrill, risk, anticipation, confusion, frustration, and elation.  Let us help you seize the opportunity, and let us take care of the detail and technical aspects of your business, enterprise, and real estate transactions.  Creative and innovative solutions form the essence of our practice.


Most attorneys constantly caution against risk; but the greatest achievements and the greatest rewards only come with the greatest risks.  We encourage a “Go For It” attitude while helping to manage the risks - at your comfort level.  It is very important to us to maintain versatility, creativity, and balance.  Thus, while we are detail oriented, we also see the big picture.  To complete a transaction, you may need to be aggressive if you are back on your heels, or you may need to be diplomatic and build consensus if the deal is fragile.  Either way, you will need advice, counsel, and representation that is tailored to your needs.  And very often, the negotiations and/or the drafting require creativity, but also, certainty and clarity.  Ninety percent of the time, a “handshake” deal could be all that would be necessary, but it’s the ten percent of the transactions that go wrong that can be devastating.  Take a chance on the deal, don’t take a chance on the details.