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Before you decide to have a will drafted or develop an estate plan, you need to answer for yourself the question of what it is you really want.

When a loved one passes, we’re overtaken with grief, loss, and vulnerability.  We may be in shock or disbelief; we may be devastated; we are beside ourselves; and we are faced with uncertainty.

The purpose of an estate plan is to alleviate some of the uncertainty, burden, conflict, and some of the feeling of “what am I going to do now?” that our loved ones will face in the aftermath of our passing.

 Some very important considerations are how will our loved ones; our spouse, and our children be cared for; how will our businesses be maintained; how will the expenses of the funeral and memorial be covered; how will the expenses of my last illness be covered; and will my loved ones’ have sufficient living expenses available to them.  Remember that life insurance claims will take time to process and any probate property will take time to distribute.  Will your loved ones and Personal Representative of your estate know where your property and documents are?  Will they know how to access all of your online accounts?  Will they have access to the resources they will need until insurance proceeds are received or probate property and accounts are distributed?  

Another purpose of an estate plan is to cover catastrophic risks for your family. What if you and your loved one both die in the same accident; what if you and your loved one are both incapacitated; what if one of you is incapacitated (either permanently or temporarily)? Do you have a plan, and do you have the necessary documents to allow your loved one’s access to much needed resources, or to have someone in place to watch over and provide for them?  Do you know how your health care decisions will be made? (and do your loved ones?).

If not, we can help.  It may be that for your situation, all you need is a few simple forms; or it may be that you need a complex plan incorporating complex documents and business formation restructuring.  Your “why” may be to ensure that there is someone there for your children, or it may be to limit your estate tax liability.  There are many things we can do to make it easier on our loved ones and ensure that our wishes our followed. In any event we will help you formulate and create a plan that is right for you, and the documents necessary to ensure that all your goals are met.  We will ensure that you fully understand all of the necessary documents and all of the strategies and methods included in your plan.  We will listen and work with you to ensure that everything you wish to be handled is handled in the manner and at the level that you desire.