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     We handle all phases of business and personal litigation.  Whether you’re engaged in, or contemplating business litigation or personal litigation, there are many factors and considerations which you face.  You may already feel frustrated, powerless and angry.  Litigation can sometimes involve additional unexpected expense and unanticipated delays.  It’s very important at this crucial time to have counsel who is able to understand and advance your perspective; counsel who is vested in fulfilling your vision for the litigation, and counsel who can achieve the objectives you have set.  


     At the same time, it is also very important to have trusted advice and reliable counsel to help guide your decisions.  We will handle your litigation matters according to your needs, your objectives, and your vision.  We will conduct your litigation as aggressively as you need, or as simply as you need, to achieve your objectives and reach your goals.  We have more than twenty years of litigation experience.  We are skilled at trial, and we are skilled at the negotiating table.  We offer alternative and flexible fee arrangements depending on your circumstances.  Our commitment to you is to offer Quality, Value, Convenience, and Reliability in meeting your legal needs, and in helping you fulfill your visions and achieve your goals.