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    In addition to our practice areas of our focus, in over twenty years, we have handled a vast array of other legal matters ranging from and including collection of delinquent accounts, trade mark and intellectual property matters, employment contracts, artist contracts, environmental litigation, insurance interpretation and coverage, declaratory judgments, preliminary and permanent injunctions, agency and administrative law matters, property tax disputes, alcoholic beverage licensing matters, receiverships, bankruptcy, guardianships, child custody, divorce, and Social Security Disability claims.


Chances are, if you have a legal issue, we have handled the same type of matter in the past.  If we haven’t handled the issue before, we know someone who has.  We’re glad to sit down with you, discuss your issue, and determine how we can help you fulfill your visions or solve your problems, whether that involves representing you and your interests, making co-counsel arrangements, or referring you to the right people or the right information that you need.  Our focus always remains on the visions and perspectives of our clients and the objectives they wish to achieve.