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Harper Legal Solutions & Consulting believes that clients come first.  Thomas Harper began the firm to provide legal services in a way that provides quality, value, convenience, and reliability.  We care deeply about providing services to meet the needs of our clients.  Our clients matter to us, and we recognize and understand that the wishes, visions, values, and needs of our clients are what matter most.  Our commitments to you:


QUALITY.  Our first commitment to our clients is to provide quality and effective advice and representation.  With over twenty years of experience, and valued experience in a wide variety of legal matters, we are effectively and fully able to meet the needs of our clients.     


VALUE.  Value is not lost on us.  We are committed to providing value to our clients and we offer flexible options, up front pricing or contingent pricing in certain instances.  We understand how valuable our clients’ resources are.  We promise that you will never receive a bill from us that induces “sticker shock”.


CONVENIENCE.  In addition to offering flexible pricing structures and options, we are committed to making ourselves available based on the needs of our clients.  We offer appointments at flexible times and convenient locations.


RELIABILITY.  In an uncertain world, we understand how important certainty and reliability are to our clients.  We are committed to serving our clients reliably to help our clients fulfill their visions, resolve their legal issues, and bring certainty into their future.




Mr. Harper was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Growing up in Michigan and then Indiana, he developed a desire to help others, and a need to set and achieve high standards.  Early on, Mr. Harper had chaired a Muscular Dystrophy Super Dance Event, and has always been active helping others.  


Mr. Harper attended college at the University of Michigan and obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Economics and Political Science.  While attending college, he worked to pay for his college expenses, and he served as the President for the Honor Society for International Relations (Sigma Iota Rho).  He had also studied computer programming and theory, including the early business computing languages of Pascal and COBOL.


Mr. Harper attended law school at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, where he graduated with honors in 1992.  Mr. Harper wrote for the Adelphia Law Journal  as a contributing editor and belonged to the Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity.  While attending law school, Mr. Harper was engaged in practicing law as a Certified Intern (under certification of the Indiana Board of Law Examiners).  While practicing under certification, he represented clients at trial, reviewed and negotiated contracts, and handled a wide variety of legal matters.  Also, while attending law school, Mr. Harper completed an internship under Magistrate Judge, J. Patrick Endsley of the United States District Court and an internship with a law firm with a successful trial practice.  Mr. Harper recalls fondly that in his first year of practice after graduation, he engaged in both business transactions practice and trial practice, which included the sale of a bar and grill, and involved name and trademark rights, personal property, and real property under a land contract; with ample security protection for his client.  Shortly thereafter, Mr. Harper also practiced as a deputy prosecuting attorney.


Fully engaged in the practice of law, Mr. Harper has represented a wide variety of business and individual clients in a wide variety of legal matters. Some of the clients Mr. Harper has represented include: Wilds Restoration; Crosstown Bar and Grill; Indiana Bridge/Midwest Steel; Gainey Transportation Services; Milan Express; Accurate Image Dental Laboratories; Hilltop Tavern; Abel Construction; Discovery Consulting and Recovery Consulting; Record Solutions; AIG/Chartis Insurance; Indiana Insurance; CNA Insurance, and Monroe Guaranty (in addition, insurance clients have used Mr. Harper’s services to represent companies including: Polaris, A.K. Industrial Steel, C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc., Marrott Renaissance Associates, L.P., Marten Manor Apartments, Chrisken Real Estate, Hills Developers, Richard’s Restaurant, Western Ohio Pizza d/b/a Dominos Pizza, Service & Industrial Repair, Inc., Wildman Business Uniforms; Gillette General Contractors; Centennial Construction; Cohen Brothers, Inc., Fisk Sanitation & Plumbing Services, et al).


In more than twenty years, Mr. Harper has handled a wide variety of legal matters, including litigation (business, civil, criminal, juvenile, worker’s compensation, arbitration, and divorce); business formations, restructuring, and transactions; wills/trusts/estates/probate and guardianships; contract drafting/review/negotiation and mediation; real estate transactions; trademark and trade secret infringement; employee benefits; environmental law; alcohol license proceedings; property tax proceedings; arbitrations and mediations; and bankruptcies/receiverships.


Mr. Harper also is a registered mediator, performs arbitrations for the Better Business Bureau, volunteers as a child advocate, performs pro bono legal services, and serves as judge pro tem on occasions when needed.